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Remote coding in EWS modules

If for some reason your car forgets the key's remote id then it will need to be resynced. Below are the steps to resync the key to the car. The procedure below is directly from the BMW owner's manual. BMW is not trying to keep this a secret so they can make money doing it for you. It says for New transmitters, but, it works for old transmitters as well. The procedure is the same for the newer diamond shape keys, just remember that Button 1 is the unlock button (the button closest to the key blade) and Button 2 is the lock button (center button with the BMW logo). Have all the keys with you when doing the resync procedure. Keys not synced will be forgotten by the car and the remote will no longer work! This procedure is for the remote keyless entry only and has NOTHING to do with the ability to start the engine. It will not fix keys that do not start the engine and won't mess up a key so that it won't start the engine.

  1. Enter the vehicle and close the doors
  2. Turn the ignition key briefly (max.5 seconds) to position 1 in the steering loc and then turn it back to positon 0. Remove the key.
  3. Press button 1 (refer to the illustration) and hold it. Maintain pressure on button 1 while rapidly pressing button 2 three times in succession within a period of 10 seconds.
  4. Release button 1, LED 3 will flash slowly fot a maximum of 10 seconds.
  5. The central locking system activates and releases all lock mechanisms in rapid succession to indicate that the initialization procedure has been successfully completed.

If the LED does not flash or the central locking system fails to respond, you must repeat the initialization procedure.
If you possess additional transmitters for your vehicle (up to a maximum of four units), you must now initialize these as well. Be sure that no more than 30 seconds is allowed to elapse between the individual initialization procedures. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each of transmitters when doing this. The central locking system will confirm every initialization procedure as described in step 5.

Frequently asked questions

  • When the procedure says to close the doors it just means the passenger compartment doors. It does not mean the hood, trunk or convertible top.
  • Position 1 in the steering lock is the Accessory position, but, Position 2, the ON position, also works.
  • Step 3 says rapidly pressing button 2 three times in succession. It doesn't have to be done rapidly. 1-2 seconds between presses is fine. Step 3 just needs to be completed within 10 seconds.
  • Diamond shape keys do not have an LED so disregard this part of Step 4.
  • The order in which the keys are initialized is not critical. If they are not initialized in the same order as they were originally the key memory functions will not be assigned to the correct key. Try repeating the whole resync procedure, but, sync the keys in a different order.

FZV keys

The initialization of the FZV keys is required to establish the Lock/Unlock signal synchronization with the GM. The initialization procedure provides the GM with a key identification number and a "rolling code" for each key. If the initialization is not performed, the GM will not respond to the key signals.
Up to 4 remote keys can be initialized. They must be initialized at the same time. Key initialization is only possible with the vehicle unlocke.

  1. Close all doors and have all keys available.
  2. Using key number 1, turn the ignition switch to KL R, then switch off within 5 seconds and remove the first key.
  3. Within 30 seconds of turning the ignition switch to "off" Press and hold button #2.
  4. While holding button #2, press and release ("tap") button #1 three times within 10 seconds.
  5. Release both buttons. The LED in the key will flash momentarily (except 2000 MY). The GM will immediately lock and unlock the doors signaling a successful initialization.
  6. If additional keys need to be initialized repeat steps 3-5 within 30 seconds.
  7. Switching the ignition to KL R completes the initialization.

NOTE: The key memory function of the GM responds to the key identification number of each key. If the keys are not initialized in the same order prior to initialization, the key memory functions actiavted by the keys will not be assigned correctly. Always initialize the keys in the same order.

Key coding in CAS modules

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